For many people, preparing and enjoying tea is a transcendental experience. More than just poring water over leaves, some people see it as an opportunity for peaceful reflection and meditation.

While there are a number of different ways to make tea, Sen Cup shares our best tips for brewing and enjoying the perfect cup of tea.


Oxygenated water is a cup of teas's best friend. Avoid distilled waters and running your tap water hot. We advise that you run the tap on cold for a bit before filling your pot so your water is aerated and oxygen rich, which enhances your tea's flavor.

Below, Sen Cup has provided a helpful guide on water temperatures and steeping times based on what type of tea you' re brewing.

Leaf Amount

Sen Cup recommends that you start with approximately 6 grams of tea per 100 ml of water. We suggest filling your pot or gaiwan about a quarter of the way with tea leaves. Experiment and adjust to suit your taste.

Cleaning and Rinsing Tea Leaves

After selecting the appropriate amount of tea leaves, rinse them to clean it and to open it up. unleashing the tea's full body and essence. This step can be compared to the cleaning of fruit or vegetables. We generally recommend to wash the leaves once for approximately 20 seconds, then pour the tea water away. The second infusion is to be drunk.

Infusion Time

The infusion times are dependent upon which type of tea you are brewing. Typically, white or green teas will need to be steeped for shorter times while black teas benefit from longer times. Herbal teas need some of the longest steeping times, averaging about 3-4 minutes to maximize flavor and to extract all the beneficial components. Infusion times for oolong or pu erh teas are really a matter of personal taste. Experiment to see which flavors best appeal to you. Start with 10-15 seconds, then increase by 10 seconds until the tea is brewed out. With a good quality tea you should be able steep it up to 5-6 times. There are some teas out there, especially pu erh, that can easily be brewed up to 10 - 15 times.


Sen Cup does not recommend using sweetener in tea. It can detract from your tasting experience. Honey is a good option if you de need a little sweetness, but wait until your tea cools down before adding it.

Tea Temperature Steeping Infusions
75C - 80C
(165F - 175F)
10-20 sec 4-5
Black 90C - 95C
(195F - 200F)
15-30 sec 2-3
Oolong 90C - 95C
(195F - 200F)
10-15 sec 5-6
Pu Erh 95C - 100C
(200F - 210F)
10-30 sec 9-10
Herbal 95C - 100C
(200F - 210F)
3-4 min 1-2

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