There are many types of teas and natural remedies out there. Jiaogulan is one of those. In the northern region of Thailand as well as parts of Japan, China, and other Asian countries, jiaogluan (pronounced “gee-ow-goo-lan”) is considered an immortality herb and the reason so many people in the area live a naturally healthy and long life.

With the Latin name gynostemma pentaphyllum, the plant comes from the same family as gourds and cucumbers. It’s one of the climbing vines with bright green leaves, maybe a sign of the longevity and positive benefits it offers. The jiaogulan leaves are turned into a tea, so it’s drunk just like you would any other type of infused tea.

History of Jiaogulan

The plant is found in a number of Asian countries, although China is the first known documentation of it. In 1406, it was recorded in “Zhu Xiao’s Materia Medica for Famine”. It was a dietary supplement at the time and not considered a medical herb. It was only in 1578 that it was viewed with some medical properties in “Li Shi-Zhen’s Compendium of Materia Medica”.

At the time, it could be used to treat pain and edema in the neck and pharynx. It was also used on tumors and helped to treat trauma. However, it would later turn out that it wasn’t jiaogulan that Li Shi-Zhen was talking about, but another herb known as “Wulianmei”.

1848 would be when the plant was finally found in books, with “Wu Qi-Jun” documenting it in his “Textual Investigation of Herbal Plants”. For centuries, it had been used to help treat ailments of all kinds and was a folk herb in southern China’s mountainous areas. In some parts, it was considered an energizing drink, perfect for the mornings.

Now, it’s considered as a beneficial herb for the health. Here’s a look at the benefits gained and just why it’s known as the immortality herb.

Benefits of Jiaogulan Tea

One of the biggest benefits of the tea is that it boosts circulation around the body. This offers a range of benefits to individual organs including:

    • Healing the heart
      Improving energy levels
      Boosting the brain power
      Improving the look of the skin

  • Good circulation helps to keep the heart pumping and will send more oxygen to the organs in the body. They require oxygen to work effectively and to ensure the cells are repaired and looked after properly. Good circulation also means the blood flow doesn’t become blocked in the arteries. Cholesterol levels are kept to a minimum and the arteries remain free from toxins, reducing the chances of heart attack or stroke.

    With good blood flow, the brain gets the oxygen that it needs. The connections between the different sides of the brain and to the bodily functions are improved. You’re more alert and focused, helping to learn more, remember more, and fight off aging diseases.

    Jiaogulan has shown abilities to protect and improve the central and peripheral nervous systems through studies. It regulates the levels of nitric oxide, which improved the communication levels between brain nerve cells, so you can hold onto more memories, learn more in a shorter space of time, and recover quickly from memory damage caused by the likes of alcohol or free radicals.

    Jiaogulan is also known as an adaptogen. This helps the body recover after stressful situations and even helps to manage stress a lot better. High stress levels on a regular basis lead to high blood pressure, a suppressed immune system, high blood sugar levels, and a negatively affected reproductive system. Stress is a silent killer and linked to various health problems and a shorter life span.

    When you use the jiaogulan tea, you gain relaxation benefits. Your body has a better natural ability to handle external and internal stress. You can reduce the amount of cortisol flowing through your body, lessening the chances of suffering from insomnia, anxiety, and headaches.

    Finally, it’s one of the most powerful antioxidants on the planet. Jiaogulan tea is essential if you want a healthy lifestyle. Free radicals attack the cells, causing signs of aging and leading to the potential growth of abnormal cells. Antioxidants attack these free radicals and prevents them producing naturally in the body.

    Jiaogulan can protect the skin from sun damage, get rid of the physical signs of aging, protect the memory from the brain cell loss, and even protect against cancer. The plant can both prevent and fight against cancer. Unlike many other herbs that focus on particular types, Jiaogulan has proven effective against many common types including:

    • Lung
      And many more

  • Jiaogulan for Weight Loss

    Another reason many drink this tea is because it helps to lose weight. The herb gets rid of the toxins, helps to break down fat and use it better for fuel (the adaptogen properties). Drinking the tea can also help to reduce hunger levels, making you feel more satisfied with smaller meals so you reduce your calorie intake.

    Side Effects

    While there are many benefits, there are absolutely no detrimental side effects known. As it’s a natural herb, there are no chemical and synthetic issues when drinking jiaogulan tea.

    Some research is still needed. You’ll want to talk to your doctor if you suffer from some autoimmune conditions, are pregnant or breastfeeding, or have other health problems to just keep yourself safe.

    Herb of Immortality

    While it is known as the immortality herb, nothing will ever make you immortal. It doesn’t have vampiric or ghostly properties! However, it is something that can help to prolong your life. This isn’t a miracle cure, though. Drink it while following a balanced diet and when exercising for the best health results.


    All information shared in this article is for informational purposes only and not a substitute for professional medical advice or for the treatment of specific medical conditions. Please always talk to your doctor or another qualified healthcare provider about your health and before adding something new to your lifestyle.